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     Alan Stuart Freeman.
Originally from London, England, he started in the construction trade
at a young age. Helping his father, an electrician, while still at
school. He worked all his holidays, for most of his school life, learning a trade and a good work ethic.

After leaving school and trying his hand at a few different trades,
including another stint of working for his father. He set on Artexing
( a decorative plaster ).


This turned out to be a successful choice, owning his own company by  the age of twenty one. After a few years and a brief partnership, he
joined Tony Benfield, in building Potton houses.
These were a great new semi kit house, built of a wooden beam  structure. This was the beginning of his love of carpentry, something
that he would carry on through the rest of his working career.

He spent a two year period, building these homes, from start to
finish, leaning all aspects of the building trade in the process.

 In 1990, Stuart ( as he prefers to be called ) moved to the states.  Carrying on where he left off in England, expanding his knowledge of  building trade.

New horizons, brought new experiences, working with tile and painting,  before settling back into carpentry. He worked for a few high end  firms ,before starting his own company in the late nineties.

He also, after a chance meeting, started to work with recording studio  designers. Something he has put a lot of time and effort into,  learning a lot in the process.
Alan Stuart Freeman would now like to share his experience and bring a  quality service to all future clients.

   Potton House.

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